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TypeOther Feature
In-game description“Allows you to find easy-to-grief Minecraft servers quickly and easily. To use it, press the 'Server Finder' button on the server selection screen.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/other_features/ServerFinderOtf.java

ServerFinder is a Wurst feature that helps users to find and join Minecraft servers that are easy to grief. ServerFinder can be accessed by pressing the “Server Finder” button on the server selection screen. This feature is useful for players who are looking to cause chaos on servers without having to spend a lot of time searching for the right one.

How To Use

First off, you will need to manually find one server IP to get started. Just go to a random server list website and copy one of the IPs.

random server list website

Then paste that IP into Server Finder, optionally configure the maximum amount of threads and press the “Search” button. More threads make it run faster, but also require a faster computer and a faster internet connection. If you're not sure, just leave it at the default value of 128 threads.

Server Finder

Once Server Finder is done, and you go back to the server list, you will notice that some of the servers it found will be broken. Wait until all servers are done loading, so that you can see which ones are working and which ones aren't.

Then click the “Clean Up” button and run a Clean Up with the default settings to get rid of the broken servers. Make sure that your Clean Up settings match the ones in this screenshot:

Clean Up settings

And that's it. I found 285 servers this time. How many can you find?

285 servers found through Server Finder


Wurst 1.1Added ServerFinder.
Wurst 1.3.1ServerFinder will now find fewer broken servers.
Wurst 2.13Added a “ServerFinder” entry in Navigator.
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed ServerFinder.
Temporarily removed The “ServerFinder” entry in Navigator.
Wurst 7.0pre13Re-added ServerFinder.
Wurst 7.0pre24Re-added The “ServerFinder” entry in Navigator.
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