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Using AutoBuild in Wurst 1.10.1 Beta to build the default "Wurst" template.
In-game description“Builds things automatically.
Place a single block to start building.” [Wurst 7 only]
“Automatically builds the selected template whenever you place a block.
Custom templates can be created by using TemplateTool.” [Wurst 6 only]
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/AutoBuildHack.java
Supported Minecraft versions1.16.3, 1.16.2, 1.16.1, 1.16, 1.15.2, 1.15.1, 1.15, 1.14.4, 1.14.3, 1.14.2, 1.12 - 1.12.2, 1.11 - 1.11.2, 1.10 - 1.10.2, 1.9 - 1.9.2, 1.8 - 1.8.9, 1.7.2 - 1.7.10

AutoBuild allows you to build things instantly and automatically. It works in all four directions (north, south, east and west) and can bypass NoCheat+. The templates are saved as JSON files in %appdata%/.minecraft/wurst/autobuild. You can make your own templates and save them there, or edit the existing ones.

AutoBuild always builds using the item in the player's main hand.

Creating Templates

An explanation of how AutoBuild's template files work.

In Wurst 6, AutoBuild templates can be created by scanning in-game Minecraft buildings with TemplateTool. Wurst 7 doesn't currently have TemplateTool, but it is still possible to create templates by hand or to scan a Minecraft creation in Wurst 6 and then import the template file to Wurst 7.

There are also several third-party tools that can generate AutoBuild templates (use at own risk!):



TypeFile [Wurst 7 only] / Mode [Wurst 6 only]
In-game description“Determines what to build.

Templates are just JSON files. Feel free to
add your own or to edit / delete the
default templates.

If you mess up, simply press the
'Reset to Defaults' button or
delete the folder.” [Wurst 7 only]
Default filesBride.json, Floor.json, Penis.json, Pillar.json, Tree.json, Wall.json, Wurst.json


In-game description“How far to reach when placing blocks.
Recommended values:
6.0 for vanilla
4.25 for NoCheat+“
Default value6

Check line of sight

Check line of sight
In-game description“Makes sure that you don't reach through walls
when placing blocks. Can help with AntiCheat
plugins but slows down building.”
Default valuenot checked


InstaBuild [Wurst 7 only]
In-game description“Builds small templates (⇐ 64 blocks) instantly.
For best results, stand close to the block you're placing.”
Default valuechecked


Mode [Wurst 6 only]
In-game descriptionFast mode can place multiple blocks at once.
Legit mode can bypass NoCheat+.”
Default valueFast
Possible valuesFast, Legit

Since Wurst 6.32, “Mode” and “InstaBuild” are mostly identical. In older versions of Wurst 6, the “Range” and “Check line of sight” settings didn't exist and were instead controlled by “Mode”. Legit Mode would force-enable the line-of-sight check and lock the range to 4.25 blocks, while Fast Mode force-disabled the line-of-sight check and locked the range to 6 blocks.

Always FastPlace

Always FastPlace [Wurst 7 only]
In-game description“Builds as if FastPlace was enabled,
even if it's not.”
Default valuechecked

Use AI

Use AI (experimental) [Wurst 6 only]
In-game description(none)
Default valuenot checked

When Use AI is checked, AutoBuild uses Wurst's pathfinder to move the player automatically.

Default Templates



Wurst 1.2.3 BetaAutoBuild now bypasses NoSwing and should work on AntiCheat servers.
Wurst 1.3 BetaAdded an overlay to AutoBuild and Nuker.
AutoBuild now bypasses NoCheat+ completely.
Wurst 1.10 BetaYou can now make a custom AutoBuild structure by editing autobuild_custom.txt.
Improved AutoBuild.
Wurst 1.10.1 BetaFixed the new AutoBuild still being marked as a WIP mod.
Wurst 1.7AutoBuild can now have any number of custom templates instead of just one.
AutoBuild structures are now called templates.
Wurst 2.23Updated AutoBuild and related features.
Wurst 2.25Improved NoCheat+ bypass of AutoBuild.
Wurst 3.0pre1Broke AutoBuild.
Wurst 3.0pre3Fixed AutoBuild.
Wurst 5.3AutoBuild, BuildRandom and InstantBunker will now properly bypass NoCheat+ again.
Redesigned the preview in AutoBuild and InstantBunker that shows when using YesCheat+.
Improved performance of AutoBuild, BuildRandom and InstantBunker.
4-dimensional “advanced” AutoBuild templates are no longer supported. Instead, 3-dimensional “simple” templates can now be used to build things that previously required 4D templates. 1)
Wurst 5.4Added AutoBuild modes: Fast And Legit.
Added a “Use AI (experimental)” checkbox to AutoBuild. When checked, AutoBuild will use the Wurst AI to automatically move the player within range of the next block that needs to be placed.
Improved the speed of AutoBuild when using FastPlace.
Added a progress indicator to AutoBuild.
To prevent lag, AutoBuild's preview will now only render the next 1024 blocks of the selected template.
Wurst 5.6Improved NoCheat+ bypass of AutoBuild.
Wurst 6.0Improved AutoBuild. (MC 1.10 & 1.9)
Wurst 6.13TemplateTool will now create better templates that AutoBuild can build more quickly.
.path -debug will now work with AutoBuild's pathfinder.
Wurst 6.14Fixed AutoBuild not working underwater.
Fixed multiple bugs in the AutoBuild AI that would sometimes cause it to get stuck.
Wurst 6.15Updated the default AutoBuild templates using the new TemplateTool algorithm.
Fixed a rare crash when enabling AutoBuild.
Fixed AutoBuild not properly creating the default templates when starting Wurst for the first time (or deleting the AutoBuild folder).
Fixed AutoBuild not working properly while using Timer at a high speed.
Fixed AutoBuild rendering green boxes on already placed blocks.
Wurst 6.32Added a “Tree” template to AutoBuild.
Added a “Range” slider to AutoBuild: Determines how far to reach when placing blocks. 2)
Added a “Check line of sight” checkbox to AutoBuild: Makes sure that you don't reach through walls when placing blocks. Can help with AntiCheat plugins but slows down building. 3)
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed AutoBuild.
Wurst 7.0pre11This version contains a non-functional AutoBuild hack that we forgot to remove. Oops!
Wurst 7.0pre12Disabled the non-functional AutoBuild hack that we accidentally left enabled in v7.0pre11.
Wurst 7.0pre19Re-added AutoBuild.
Added a “Tree” template to AutoBuild.
Removed AutoBuild's “Mode” setting.
Added a “Range” slider to AutoBuild.
Added a “Check line of sight” checkbox to AutoBuild.
Added an “InstaBuild” checkbox to AutoBuild. When enabled, AutoBuild builds small templates (⇐ 64 blocks) instantly.
Added an “Always FastPlace” checkbox to AutoBuild. When enabled, AutoBuild builds as if FastPlace was enabled, even if it's not.
Removed AutoBuild's experimental “Use AI” checkbox.
Wurst 7.12Fixed AutoBuild's ESP glitching out when extremely far from spawn.
Any existing 4D variants of the default templates will be automatically replaced with the new 3D versions. Any other 4D templates will be automatically deleted.
In previous versions, “Fast” mode locked this setting to 6.0 and “Legit” mode locked it to 4.25.
In previous versions, “Legit” mode enabled this setting.
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