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The warning that shows up when connecting to an unsafe server while NoChatReports is enabled.
TypeOther Feature
In-game description“Disables the cryptographic signatures that since 1.19 are attached to your chat messages.

WARNING: If you send chat messages with signatures, your Minecraft account can get reported and globally banned from multiplayer!

Even if you only say harmless things in chat, your signed messages can be abused to create a fake chat report that gets your account banned unfairly.

If you have to re-enable chat signatures to join a server, consider not using their chat at all. Or play on an alt account that you don't mind losing.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/other_features/NoChatReportsOtf.java

NoChatReports is a Wurst feature that removes the cryptographic signatures from the user's chat messages and also hides the user's public key from the server, in an effort to protect the user against chat reports.

NoChatReports is based on the No Chat Reports mod by Aizistral, released under the WTFPL license.

NoChatReports is enabled by default for safety reasons, so that users who are unaware of the chat reporting feature don't accidentally get their accounts banned. However, some servers will temporarily disable the user's chat or kick them from the server if they send an unreportable chat message. For this reason, some users may want to disable NoChatReports for such servers after weighing the risks and benefits.

In older versions of Wurst, NoChatReports did not have a category and therefore did not show up in ClickGUI. In these versions, NoChatReports could only be enabled or disabled through the Navigator GUI.


Disable signatures

Disable signatures
In-game description(none)
Default valuechecked

This checkbox turns NoChatReports on and off. Since NoChatReports is not a regular hack, it needs this setting to store its on/off state.

How Chat Reports Work


The “Fabulously Optimized” modpack has created a chat reporting FAQ that answers in simple terms how chat reporting works, why it's so broken, and why it will always be broken. https://wiki.download.fo/readme/chat-reporting-faq


Aizistral has created a series of videos on YouTube that explain in great detail how chat reports work on a technical level, including many of the exploits that make it possible to fabricate reports.


Wurst 7.27Added NoChatReports.
Wurst 7.27.1Fixed the cryptic error message when trying to join Realms while NoChatReports is enabled. (MC 1.19+)
Wurst 7.27.2Fixed the multiplayer button still being grayed out if your Microsoft account is parental-control'd or banned from online play.
Fixed the cryptic error message when trying to chat on Minehut while NoChatReports is enabled. (MC 1.19+)
Update: Minehut has now fixed the issue on their end. They will no longer kick you at all when using NoChatReports.
Wurst 7.27.3NoChatReports will no longer prevent the “Chat message validation failure” disconnect. (MC 1.19.2+)
Wurst 7.35.2NoChatReports now shows up in ClickGUI under the “Chat” category. This should help to reduce confusion when playing on servers that kick you for sending unreportable chat messages.
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