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List of Contributors

Grouped by repository, then sorted by name of contributor, then sorted by PR number (if known).

There is no guarantee that this list is complete! If you find that anything is missing, please add it.

Wurst 7

Wurst 7 Translations

Listed separately due to the large number of translations. Sorted by language, then sorted by name of contributor.

Mo Glass

WI Zoom


  • none (just Alexander)

Wurst MC 1.12

  • none (just Alexander)

Wurst MC 1.12-OF

  • none (just Alexander)

Wurst MC 1.11

  • none (just Alexander)

Wurst MC 1.11-OF

  • none (just Alexander)

Wurst MC 1.10

Wurst MC 1.9

Wurst MC 1.8

This data may be incomplete. Since the original Wurst-MC-1.8 repository is no longer available, this data is instead based on the Internet Archive and the Wurst-Imperium-Archival/Wurst-MC-1.8 repository.

Wurst MC 1.7

  • none (just Alexander)

Private Beta testers:

  • gruenwald32
  • Marka2000
2) , 21)
deleted account
23) , 25) , 38)
Doesn't have a GitHub account.
This was later ported to WI Zoom.
40) , 41)
Not the same as mcccs. This GitHub account was deleted some time after July 21, 2016 (last known commit) and the name was then given to a new user on September 25, 2018.
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