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A player using AntiHunger while walking, with an arrow pointing to the hunger bar showing the slowed depletion.
In-game description“Slows down your hunger when you are walking.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/AntiHungerHack.java

AntiHunger is a hack in Minecraft that allows players to slow down (but not completely stop) their hunger when they are walking. This hack is classified as a movement hack and does not have a default keybind. This hack was introduced in Wurst version 7.30.

AntiHunger works by modifying the movement packets that are sent from the player's client to the server. These packets contain information about the player's position, look, and whether they are on the ground or not. When the player is walking, AntiHunger changes the “onGround” flag in these packets to false, which tells the server that the player is not actually on the ground. As a result, the server does not consume the player's hunger as quickly as it normally would.

However, it's important to note that AntiHunger does not completely stop hunger consumption. The in-game description specifically says that it “slows down” hunger, not that it stops it entirely. This is because the hack only affects the onGround flag in movement packets, and there are other factors that can still cause the server to consume hunger, such as jumping or sprinting. Despite this, AntiHunger can still be a useful tool for players looking to extend their endurance in Minecraft.


Wurst 7.30Added AntiHunger.
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