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Using ArrowDMG to kill an Iron Golem in a single shot.
In-game description“Massively increases arrow damage, but also consumes a lot of hunger and reduces accuracy.

Does not work with crossbows and seems to be patched on Paper servers.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/ArrowDmgHack.java

ArrowDMG is a Minecraft hack that allows the user to shoot arrows with a bow while dealing much higher damage than normally possible. The exact damage varies greatly and depends on the value of the Packets setting.

ArrowDMG can also be used to throw tridents much further if Trident yeet mode is enabled, but this has no effect on damage.

It is unclear who originally discovered the exploit behind ArrowDMG. According to rumors, it was found by a 2b2t player and quickly spread to many different hacked clients. Although Wurst seems to be the first client that tried apply the concept to tridents.



In-game description“Amount of packets to send.
More packets = higher damage.”
Default value200 packets
Minimum2 packets
Maximum7000 packets
Increment20 packets

The “Packets” setting determines how many packets are sent to the server when shooting an arrow. The more packets are sent, the higher the damage will be. The exact damage varies greatly, but the maximum value of 7000 usually deals enough damage to kill a Warden with Resistance 4 in a single shot.

Trident yeet mode

Trident yeet mode
In-game description“When enabled, tridents fly much further. Doesn't seem to affect damage or Riptide.

WARNING: You can easily lose your trident by enabling this option!”
Default valuenot checked

The “Trident yeet mode” setting applies the same concept to tridents. This allows the user to throw tridents much further than normally possible, but it has no effect on the trident's damage, doesn't increase how fast the player can travel with Riptide, and makes it much easier to accidentally lose the trident.


Wurst 7.22Added ArrowDMG.
Wurst 7.32Increased the maximum value of ArrowDMG's “Packets” slider to 7000 and changed the increment to 20. (Wurst7:768 - Thanks to biran4454!)
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