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Griefing a plot with BuildRandom, AutoBuild and AutoSign.
In-game description“Randomly places blocks around you.” [Wurst 7 only]
“Randomly places blocks around you.
Tip: Using this mod in combination with FastPlace will make it faster.” [Wurst 6 only]
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/BuildRandomHack.java

BuildRandom is a hack that automatically and randomly places blocks around the player. BuildRandom can be used to quickly make a giant mess.

NoCheat+ can slow down the rate of building, but it can't block BuildRandom altogether. Despite the different in-game descriptions, using BuildRandom together with FastPlace makes it faster in both Wurst 6 and Wurst 7.



In-game descriptionFast mode can place blocks behind other blocks.
Legit mode can bypass NoCheat+.”
Default valueFast
Possible valuesFast, Legit

In Fast mode, BuildRandom can place blocks up to 6 blocks away, while in Legit mode this range is reduced to 4.25 blocks. Legit mode also performs a line-of-sight check before placing each block to make sure that it doesn't attempt to place blocks in ways that would normally be impossible. In Legit mode, the player will face each block on the server-side before placing it, but in Legit mode the player doesn't face the block at all to speed up building.

Check held item

Check held item
In-game description“Only builds when you are actually holding a block.
urn this off to build with fire, water, lava,
spawn eggs, or if you just want to right click
with an empty hand in random places.”
Default valuechecked

Turning this of allows allows BuildRandom to use a flint and steel to randomly place fire, to use lava buckets to randomly place lava, and to use other items that wouldn't normally be considered building blocks.

Always FastPlace

Always FastPlace
In-game description“Builds as if FastPlace was enabled,
even if it's not.”
Default valuenot checked

Same as in AutoBuild, but unchecked by default.


  • If you have access to Creative Mode, you can fill your hotbar with 9 different colored blocks, turn on both BuildRandom and AutoSwitch and then quickly make a colorful mess.


Wurst 1.8 BetaAdded BuildRandom.
Wurst 3.0pre1Broke BuildRandom.
Wurst 3.0pre3Fixed BuildRandom.
Wurst 5.3AutoBuild, BuildRandom and InstantBunker will now properly bypass NoCheat+ again.
Improved performance of AutoBuild, BuildRandom and InstantBunker.
Wurst 6.5Improved BuildRandom. FIXME What does this mean?
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed BuildRandom.
Wurst 7.0pre17Re-added BuildRandom.
Wurst 6.29 (Minecraft 1.8 & 1.12),
Wurst 7.0pre21 (Minecraft 1.14+)
Added a “Check held item” setting to BuildRandom.
Added an “Always FastPlace” setting to BuildRandom.
Improved BuildRandom's search tags.
Wurst 7.15.1Fixed BuildRandom not rendering properly when extremely far from spawn.
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