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In-game description“Allows you to make profiles of enabled hacks.

Syntax: .enabledhax load-profile <file>
.enabledhax save-profile <file>
.enabledhax list-profiles [<page>]
Profiles are saved in '.minecraft/wurst/enabled hacks'.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/commands/EnabledHaxCmd.java

.enabledhax is a chat command that allows the user to make profiles of enabled hacks.


Main article: Command Syntax

  • .enabledhax save-profile <file> Saves a profile with the name <file> and the current set of enabled hacks.

  • .enabledhax load-profile <file> Loads the profile named <file>, if it exists. Enables all hacks that are saved in the profile and disables all other hacks.

  • .enabledhax list-profiles [<page>] Shows a list of saved profiles.


  1. Enable a bunch of ESPs and disable everything else.
  2. .enabledhax save-profile esp Creates a profile named “esp” with the currently enabled ESP hacks in it.
  3. .enabledhax list-profiles Shows that the “esp” profile has been created successfully.
  4. Enable Panic to turn off all hacks.
  5. .enabledhax load-profile esp loads the “esp” profile, re-enabling all the ESP hacks from step 1.


Wurst 7.1Added .enabledhax.
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