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The .help entry for .itemlist.
In-game description“Changes a ItemList setting of a feature. Allows you
to change these settings through keybinds.

Syntax: .itemlist <feature> <setting> add <item>
.itemlist <feature> <setting> remove <item>
.itemlist <feature> <setting> list [<page>]
.itemlist <feature> <setting> reset
Example: .itemlist AutoDrop Items add dirt”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/commands/ItemListCmd.java

.itemlist is a chat command that that allows the user to manage ItemListSettings through the chat.

Since any .itemlist command can be turned into a keybind, this command also makes it possible to create keybinds that instantly change an ItemListSetting when a key is pressed.

The following features currently have an ItemListSetting and thus can be used with .itemlist:


Main article: Command Syntax

  • .itemlist <feature> <setting> add <item> adds <item> to <setting> of <feature>.

  • .itemlist <feature> <setting> remove <item> removes <item> from <setting> of <feature>.

  • .itemlist <feature> <setting> list [<page>] lists the items in <setting> of <feature>.

  • .itemlist <feature> <setting> reset resets <setting> of <feature> to its default values.


  • .itemlist AutoDrop Items add dirt adds dirt to AutoDrop's Items setting.

  • .itemlist AutoDrop Items list lists the items in AutoDrop's Items setting.

  • .itemlist AutoDrop Items list 2 shows page 2 of AutoDrop's Items setting, if it contains enough items to be 2 pages long.

  • .itemlist AutoDrop Items reset resets AutoDrop's Items setting to the default values.

  • .itemlist AutoDrop Items remove dirt removes dirt from AutoDrop's Items setting.


Wurst 7.20Added .itemlist.
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