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This article is about the command that changes mode settings within Wurst. For the command that changes the users gamemode, see .gm.

The .help entry for .setmode.
In-game description“Changes a mode setting of a feature. Allows you to
switch modes through keybinds.

Syntax: .setmode <feature> <setting> <mode>
.setmode <feature> <setting> (prev|next)“
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/commands/SetModeCmd.java

.setmode is a chat command that allows the user to manage EnumSettings (Wurst 7) or ModeSettings (Wurst 6) through the chat.

Since any .setmode command can be turned into a keybind, this command also makes it possible to create keybinds that instantly change a ModeSetting/EnumSettting when a key is pressed.


Main article: Command Syntax

  • .setmode <feature> <setting> <mode> sets <setting> of <feature> to <mode>.

  • .setmode <feature> <setting> (prev|next) sets <setting> of <feature> to the next or previous mode.


  • .setmode bunnyhop jump_if walking sets the Jump if setting in BunnyHop to its “Walking” mode.

  • .setmode bunnyhop jump_if next sets the Jump if setting in BunnyHop to its next mode.

  • .bind m .setmode bunnyhop jump_if next keybinds the M key to cycle through the different modes in BunnyHop's Jump if setting.

  • .bind m .setmode bunnyhop jump_if prev is similar to the above example, but cycles through the Jump if modes backwards.


Wurst 2.15Added .setmode.
Wurst 2.20.setmode will now assume that all spaces in setting names have been replaced with underscores. This makes it possible to use .setmode on a setting with spaces in its name without result in a syntax error.
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed .setmode.
Wurst 7.0pre23Re-added .setmode.
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