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The first ever screenshot of the .taco command.
In-game description“Spawns a dancing taco on your hotbar.
“I love that little guy. So cute!” -WiZARD”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/commands/TacoCmd.java

The .taco command spawns a dancing taco on the user's hotbar.


  • .taco toggles the taco.


I was watching a WiZARDHAX video about a commands-only hacked client (I can't remember what that client was called). WiZARD didn't know which commands would work so after a while he just started typing “taco” over and over again. He kept trying for like two minutes and then ended the video. His review of the client was basically “0/10 can't even taco”.

I wanted to make it so that if he ever ran into the same issue with Wurst, at least the “taco” command would work. Of course that was never really an issue with Wurst, so I just told him that the command exists, he used it in the first video and liked it. Not sure if he even knows that it's a reference to that other client.

The dancing taco GIF is one that WiZARD uses in a lot of his videos, I don't know where it's from or when he started using it. The image on the wiki is the first screenshot I ever took of the .taco command, possibly on the same day that I added it.

Alexander01998 on r/WurstClient


  • “taco” means “butt” in the Oshiwambo language.


Wurst 1.7 BetaAdded .taco.
Wurst 1.9.taco now works with Timer.
Wurst 2.15Added a primary action to .taco.
Wurst 3.0pre1Broke .taco.
Wurst 3.0pre2Fixed .taco.
Wurst 6.12Using .taco together with RainbowUI now creates rainbow tacos.
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed .taco.
Wurst 7.0pre9Re-added .taco.
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