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CreativeFlight [Wurst 7 only]
In-game description“Allows you to fly like in Creative Mode.

WARNING: You will take fall damage if you don't use NoFall.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/CreativeFlightHack.java

CreativeFlight is a Minecraft hack that allows the user to fly by double-tapping the jump button1), as if the player was in Creative Mode.

Servers where flying is not enabled will attempt to kick the user for using CreativeFlight, but they can only detect that CreativeFlight is being used if the player isn't moving down for at least 4 seconds (80 ticks). Every time the player moves down by at least ~0.032m2), the four-second timer starts over again. With a bit of practice or use of the Anti-Kick feature, it is possible to fly around indefinitely without getting kicked.



In-game description“Makes you fall a little bit every now and then to prevent you from getting kicked.”
Default valuenot checked

When this checkbox is checked, CreativeFlight will make the player fall for a short time, at an interval determined by the “Anti-Kick Interval” setting and a distance determined by the “Anti-Kick Distance” setting. This prevents the player from getting kicked with the message “Flying is not enabled on this server”.

Anti-Kick Interval

Anti-Kick Interval
In-game description“How often Anti-Kick should prevent you from getting kicked.
Most servers will kick you after 80 ticks.”
Default value30 ticks
Minimum5 ticks
Maximum80 ticks
Increment1 tick

This setting determines how often CreativeFlight will make the player fall. The default value of 30 ticks means that the player will fall every 1.5 seconds, which is rather conservative since most servers will wait as much as 80 ticks (4 seconds) before kicking the player.

As long as the server is not lagging too badly, values as high as 70 ticks (3.5 seconds) are still safe to use and will be much less noticeable to the user.

Anti-Kick Distance

Anti-Kick Distance
In-game description“How far Anti-Kick should make you fall.
Most servers require at least 0.032m to stop you from getting kicked.”
Default value0.07m (7cm)
Minimum0.01m (1cm)
Maximum0.2m (20cm)
Increment0.001m (1mm)

This setting determines how far CreativeFlight will make the player fall when the “Anti-Kick” setting is enabled. The default value of 0.07m (7cm) is again rather conservative, since most servers will only require a fall distance of 0.032m (3.2cm) to prevent the player from getting kicked.

Decreasing this value to about 0.034m (3.4cm) will make the Anti-Kick feature less noticeable to the user and still be safe to use on most servers. However, some users may prefer the noticeable jump caused by the default value, as it provides a visual indication that the Anti-Kick feature is working correctly.


Wurst 7.16Added CreativeFlight.
Wurst 7.22Fixed a typo in the Flight and CreativeFlight descriptions. (Thanks to pcm1k!)
Wurst 7.29Added “Anti-Kick” and “Anti-Kick Interval” settings to Flight and CreativeFlight. (Thanks to isjerryxiao!)
Wurst 7.31Added an “Anti-Kick Distance” setting to Flight and CreativeFlight. Determines how far the Anti-Kick should make you fall.
default: spacebar
The exact value is a bit lower, but it doesn't matter due to rounding errors.
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