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The Navigator GUI in Wurst 7.7.
In-game description“A searchable GUI that learns your preferences over time.”
Default keybindRight Shift
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/NavigatorHack.java
Visualization of the default Right Shift → Navigator keybind on an ANSI 104 keyboard.

Navigator is one one of the GUIs in Wurst. It is characterized by its search bar at the top and its big, scrollable list of every feature in Wurst.

Unlike ClickGUI and TabGUI, Navigator doesn't sort features into categories, but instead shows all features in one big list. This makes Navigator the only GUI in Wurst that can be used to access features with no category.

Navigator learns the user's preferences over time by counting how often they interact with each feature. The most frequently used features are then placed at the top.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Up ArrowMoves the selection up.
Down ArrowMoves the selection down.
Right ArrowMoves the selection to the right.
Left ArrowMoves the selection to the left.
EnterRuns the primary action of the selected feature (e.g. toggling a hack).Same as left-clicking on the feature.
SpaceExpands the selected feature.Same as left-clicking on the green arrow next to the feature.
EscapeOpens the previous screen or closes Navigator.
Mouse 4 1)


Wurst 2.13pre1Added Navigator.
Wurst 2.13pre2Shift-clicking a feature will now directly execute its primary action (e.g. toggle a hack).
Navigator will now better learn your preferences to make sure that the features you use the most are at the top of the list.
The scrollbar will now only show if it is needed.
Fixed MenuWalk breaking Navigator.
Made some adjustments to the design of certain Navigator elements.
Cleaned up some of the code behind Navigator.
Wurst 2.13Added Target to Navigator.
Added the AutoBuild Template setting to Navigator.
Added default keybinds for Navigator.
Mouse Wheel clicking a feature will now instantly do its primary action.
Added the Nuker Mode setting to Navigator.
Added a “See also” section on the Navigator feature screen: Basically links to other features.
Added Checkbox settings for Navigator (like the ones in Target).
Added Colors settings for Navigator (like the one in Target).
Enabled Navigator's “Tutorial” button for features that already have a tutorial.
Added BookHack to Navigator.
Added ServerFinder to Navigator.
Added SessionStealer to Navigator.
Added a notice to ClickGUI that makes it easier to switch to Navigator.
Sliders in Navigator will no longer be prefixed with the name of the feature.
Wurst 2.14Commands will now show their syntax on their Navigator page.
Added a “Changelog” button to Navigator.
Wurst 2.15Left-clicking a feature will now directly execute its primary action (e.g. toggle a hack).
Navigator can now add keybinds for changing various settings.
Fixed the “Navigator” button in Navigator sometimes being green.
Wurst 2.21Improved the search bar in Navigator. (Minecraft 1.8)
Wurst 2.23Fixed keybinds added through Navigator sometimes binding the key to a different action than the one selected. (Minecraft 1.8)
Wurst 3.0pre2Fixed the GUI not showing for people who didn't switch to Navigator in Minecraft 1.8.x.
Wurst 3.1Improved the search bar in Navigator. (Minecraft 1.9+)
Wurst 3.2Replaced the “Tutorial” buttons in Navigator with “Help” buttons.
Wurst 4.4Fixed keybinds added through Navigator sometimes binding the key to a different action than the one selected. (Minecraft 1.10+)
Fixed Navigator keybinding itself to CTRL when it shouldn't.
Wurst 4.6Fixed a rendering glitch in Navigator.
Wurst 6.17Settings are now stored in “settings.json” instead of “navigator.json”.
Wurst 6.18Navigator will now show the category of each feature next to its type, unless a feature doesn't have a category.
Navigator will now render settings in the same way that ClickGUI does.
Navigator will now support all the same mouse & keyboard shortcuts that ClickGUI does.
Wurst 6.21Added tooltips to Navigator.
Wurst 6.32Added a “CleanUp” entry in Navigator.
Added a “LastServer” entry in Navigator.
Added a “Reconnect” entry in Navigator.
Added a “WurstCapes” entry in Navigator.
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed Navigator.
Wurst 7.0pre3Re-added Navigator.
Added a “HackList” feature in Navigator that allows you to customize / disable the list of enabled hacks.
Added a “WurstLogo” feature in Navigator that allows you to disable the Wurst logo in the top left corner.
Temporarily removed the “Changelog” button in Navigator.
Wurst 7.0pre15Fixed ClickGUI and Navigator not rendering properly in snapshot versions.
Wurst 7.0pre18Fixed Navigator not responding to mouse scrolling.
Wurst 7.0pre23Fixed a visual glitch on Navigator's “Add Keybind” screen.
Fixed a visual glitch on Navigator's “Remove Keybind” screen.
Wurst 7.0pre24Re-added the “Changelog” button in Navigator.
The “ServerFinder” entry in Navigator is back!
Added a “CleanUp” entry in Navigator.
Wurst 7.0pre25Fixed removing keybinds through Navigator not working in some specific cases.
Wurst 7.1.2Fixed a visual glitch of some settings in Navigator.
Fixed the strange input lag of Navigator's search bar.
Fixed a visual glitch when moving Navigator's scrollbar with the left mouse button.
Fixed a visual glitch where, when scrolling down in Navigator's list of features and then typing something into the search bar, some or all of the search results wouldn't show up.
Wurst 7.7Added more keyboard shortcuts to Navigator. (Thanks to aleksilassila!)
Wurst 7.19Fixed the “New Keybind” and “Remove Keybind” screens in Navigator not taking you back to the previous screen when you press Escape.
Fixed the “New Keybind” screen in Navigator glitching out when you press Enter.
Wurst 7.27Fixed Navigator’s primary action button (the one at the bottom of the screen that usually says “Enable” or “Disable”) sometimes not updating its text properly.
Wurst 7.31Added a shortcut to open the Keybind Manager from within Navigator or ClickGUI.
This is the “back” button that some mice have.
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