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NocomCrash has been patched in Minecraft 1.18.2 and removed in Wurst MC 1.19.
It will keep working on older servers and stay available in Wurst MC 1.17-1.18.2.

Using NocomCrash with 420 packets.
In-game description“Lags and crashes servers using the Nocom exploit.
Does not work on Paper servers. Tested working on Vanilla, Spigot, and Fabric. Can be disabled by some AntiCheats.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/NocomCrashHack.java

NocomCrash is a Minecraft hack that uses the Nocom exploit to lag and/or crash a server.

NocomCrash was originally created by AidanRB in Wurst7:560. The exploit that NocomCrash is based on was originally discovered by 0x150 and released on November 30, 2021 under the GPLv3 license.1)

More than a week after the release of Wurst 7.21, two GitHub users named 0x3C50 and Saturn5Vfive started leaving comments on the Wurst7:560 Pull Request, claiming to be the original creators of the hack and claiming that it had been added to Wurst without their permission.

Notwithstanding their claims, however, the original version of the hack was released under the GPLv3 license2), which allows anyone to use the code in an open source project, without needing specific approval from the author.3) Besides this, AidanRB, Alexander01998, and several translators had already made significant improvements to the NocomCrash hack, which would have likely put it under Fair Use even if the original version had not been open source.

These two users first demanded that the credit given to AidanRB for his work on NocomCrash be removed, calling it “almost 0 work pasting the code into wurst”, and that 0x150 be credited instead.4) Once it was confirmed that AidanRB's NocomCrash implementation was based on 0x150's open source code, 0x150 was given credit for the original discovery of the exploit. However, AidanRB's credit was never removed, as it was found that the claims of him doing “zero work” were entirely fabricated.

The comments on Wurst7:560 were locked after 0x3C50 and Saturn5Vfive's comments became more and more disrespectful5). Their later comments were spread across multiple different platforms and are difficult to trace.

Despite seemingly getting the credit that they wanted, 0x3C50 and Saturn5Vfive then demanded that NocomCrash be removed entirely from Wurst. Their request was promptly denied, as the NocomCrash hack was still based on open source code that didn't require their permission in the first place. After that, 0x150 threatened on his Discord server to file a DMCA takedown notice against the entire Wurst Client, despite still having no legal grounds for such a takedown.



In-game description“The number of packets to send.”
Default value500.0


Wurst 7.21Added NocomCrash. (Thanks to AidanRB!)
Wurst 7.27Removed NocomCrash in Minecraft 1.19 and later versions.
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