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NoTelemetry's entry in the Navigator GUI.
TypeOther Feature
In-game description“Disables the forced telemetry that Mojang introduced in 21w38a.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/other_features/NoTelemetryOtf.java

NoTelemetry is a Wurst feature that disables the forced telemetry that Mojang introduced in Java Edition 1.18 snapshot 21w38a.

Whenever NoTelemetry successfully prevents a tracking attempt, it writes Telemetry sending attempt blocked. to the log file. This is currently the only way how a user can verify that NoTelemetry is working correctly.

In vanilla Minecraft, telemetry is always enabled and hidden from the user, with no way to opt out. This system is quite disrespectful towards the end-user and probably violates Article 21 of the GDPR 1) 2). NoTelemetry turns this into an opt-in system - no data is sent to Mojang unless the user manually allows it in the settings (by turning NoTelemetry off).

Known Issues

Even with NoTelemetry, the user most likely still has no idea what data Mojang wants to collect from them. The 21w38a changelog and the "Snooper" Minecraft wiki page provide some general information about what data Mojang's telemetry collects, but neither of these sources can really give the user a good idea of what their own specific telemetry data would look like.

Ideally, NoTelemetry should have an option save a copy of the telemetry data to a local file, so that the user can look at the raw data and use it to make an informed decision about whether or not to allow Mojang's telemetry. This would be disabled by default to avoid wasting the user's disk space.


Disable telemetry

Disable telemetry
In-game description(none)
Default valuechecked

This checkbox turns NoTelemetry on and off. Since NoTelemetry is not a regular hack, it needs this setting to store its on/off state.


Wurst 7.27Added NoTelemetry.
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