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This page describes content that only exists in outdated versions of Wurst.

Using ArenaBrawl on the Hypixel server in Wurst 1.8 Beta.
In-game description“Makes ArenaBrawl on mc.hypixel.net a lot easier.
This is a collection of mods that have been optimized
for ArenaBrawl. It will bypass everything that Hypixel
has to offer.”
Default keybindnone
Playing ArenaBrawl with the ArenaBrawl hack.
Hypixel's “n00b Hat” item. A possible, but unlikely reference to Wurst's ArenaBrawl hack.

ArenaBrawl was a hack for the ArenaBrawl minigame on the Hypixel server. It was able to play the minigame semi-automatically, making it much easier for the user user to win.

ArenaBrawl was the first hack ever to get around Hypixel's AntiCheat, bypassing everything that Hypixel had to offer at the time.


Before using the ArenaBrawl hack, make sure you adjust the ArenaBrawl level slider. For the Fireball skill you need level 40, for Snowball, you need 20, etc.

Using ArenaBrawl is pretty simple: Join a 2v2 arena and turn the hack on. When the game starts, it will start helping you.

ArenaBrawl (the hack) will show you where all players and totems are by rendering a red or green frame around them. One of them will have a box instead of a frame and an arrow on the scoreboard. You should always follow the player/totem that has this box, because it's the best target.

Once you are close enough to an enemy player or an enemy totem, ArenaBrawl's built-in Killaura will attack it. If it's a player, it will also attack it with your offensive skill. If there is a player and a totem in your range, it will always attack the totem first.

Remember to use your healing skill when you are low on health and your other skills when you need them. That part is not automatic.


Wurst 1.2.3 BetaAdded ArenaBrawl.
Wurst 1.2.4 BetaFixed ArenaBrawl attacking dead entities.
Fixed ArenaBrawl not deactivating when the user or teammate dies.
Fixed ArenaBrawl walking through enemies.
Wurst BetaFixed a crash when using ArenaBrawl.
Fixed ArenaBrawl forgetting who your teammate is after they use “Bullcharge”.
ArenaBrawl still didn't properly deactivate sometimes.
Wurst 1.3 BetaAdded intelligent selection of the best target to ArenaBrawl.
Fixed ArenaBrawl still blocking when it shouldn't.
Fixed ArenaBrawl not deactivating when the user loses a match.
Added a built-in AutoRespawn to ArenaBrawl.
Wurst 1.5 BetaAdded a Level slider to ArenaBrawl.
Wurst 1.0Completely rewrote ArenaBrawl and significantly improved its win-rate.
Wurst 1.3pre1Broke ArenaBrawl.
Wurst 1.3pre3Fixed ArenaBrawl.
Somewhere around 2015-2016Hypixel's ArenaBrawl minigame lost most of its popularity and was moved to their “Classic Lobby”.
Wurst 5.2Removed ArenaBrawl.
Wurst 2.23Removed ArenaBrawl.
Wurst 6.0Removed ArenaBrawl. (MC 1.10 & 1.9)
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