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Using CaveFinder and X-Ray at the same time.
In-game description“Helps you to find caves by
highlighting them in the
selected color.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/CaveFinderHack.java

CaveFinder is a Minecraft hack that highlights all caves in the selected color.

CaveFinder works by detecting the Cave Air block.



In-game description“The area around the player to search in.
Higher values require a faster computer.”
Default value11×11 chunks
Possible values3×3 chunks, 5×5 chunks, 7×7 chunks, 9×9 chunks, 11×11 chunks, 13×13 chunks, 15×15 chunks, 17×17 chunks, 19×19 chunks, 21×21 chunks, 23×23 chunks, 25×25 chunks, 27×27 chunks, 29×29 chunks, 31×31 chunks, 33×33 chunks

The “Area” setting determines the area around the player in which CaveFinder will search for caves. The area is measured in chunks, not blocks. The default value of 11×11 chunks is equivalent to a 176×176 block area. Setting this to a higher value will cause CaveFinder to search for caves in a larger area, but it will also cause a significant decrease in performance and increase in CPU usage.


In-game description“The maximum number of blocks to display.
Higher values require a faster computer.”
Default value105 (or 100,000)
Minimum103 (or 1,000)
Maximum106 (or 1,000,000)
Increment1 order of magnitude

The “Limit” setting determines the maximum number of blocks to display. The default value of 105 (or 100,000) means that CaveFinder will only highlight up to 100,000 blocks at a time, even if there are more caves nearby. Setting this to a higher value will cause CaveFinder to highlight more blocks at once, but it can also negatively affect performance.

Values are displayed as regular numbers, but saved as orders of magnitude (e.g. the default 100,000 blocks value is saved as 5). This becomes visible when shift-clicking on the “Limit” slider to manually enter a value: Instead of entering the desired number of blocks directly, the user must enter the desired order of magnitude.


In-game description“Caves will be highlighted in this color.”
Default value#FF0000 (red)

The “Color” setting determines the color that CaveFinder will use to highlight caves. The default value of #FF0000 highlights caves in red.


In-game description“How opaque the highlights should be.
0 = breathing animation”
Default value0% (breathing)
Minimum0% (breathing)

The “Opacity” setting determines how opaque the highlights should be. The default value of 0% (breathing animation) means that the highlights will oscillate between 0% and 50% opacity at a frequency of 0.5 Hz.


Wurst 1.13Added CaveFinder
Wurst 3.0pre1Broke CaveFinder.
Wurst 3.0pre2Fixed CaveFinder.
Wurst 6.2.1Fixed caves not rendering properly when using Freecam or CaveFinder. (MC 1.11 & 1.10)
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed CaveFinder.
Wurst 7.0pre26Re-added CaveFinder.
CaveFinder now works by highlighting caves in red.
Wurst 7.9Fixed CaveFinder not resetting properly when moving to different dimension.
Fixed CaveFinder not working properly on low render distances.
Wurst 7.15.2Fixed CaveFinder crashing the game in Minecraft 21w20a and later versions.
Wurst 7.17Added a “Color” setting to CaveFinder. Determines which color CaveFinder uses to highlight caves.
Added an “Opacity” setting to CaveFinder. Allows you to disable the default breathing animation and set a fixed level of opacity instead.
Wurst 7.25The CaveFinder Opacity slider now says “breathing” instead of “Breathing” when set to zero.
Wurst 7.31Slightly improved performance of Search, CaveFinder and BaseFinder.
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