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An example of using .annoy.
In-game description“Annoys a player by repeating everything they say.

Syntax: .annoy <player>
Turn off: .annoy”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/commands/AnnoyCmd.java

.annoy is a chat command that annoys another player by repeating everything they say. This might not work on every server, since there are specific requirements to recognize a chat message.


Main article: Command Syntax

  • .annoy <player> repeats everything that <player> says.

  • .annoy (while .annoy is already running) turns it off.


  • .annoy Notch annoys the player Notch by repeating everything they say in chat.


RC mode

RC mode
In-game description“Remote control mode. Re-enables a bug that allows .annoy to run Wurst commands. Not recommended for security reasons, but until we have a proper remote control feature, this is at least better than nothing.”
Default valuenot checked

This setting can either be enabled through the Navigator GUI or by running the following command:

.setcheckbox .annoy rc_mode on


  • Trying to annoy yourself by typing .annoy <your_own_username> causes an infinite loop where your chat messages are repeated forever, until you either disable .annoy or get kicked from the server. This is why Wurst will display the warning “Annoying yourself is a bad idea!” if you attempt this.


Wurst 1.5 BetaAdded .annoy.
Wurst 3.0pre1Broke .annoy.
Wurst 3.0pre2Fixed .annoy.
Wurst 7.27Fixed .annoy adding extra spaces to repeated messages. (MC 1.19+)
Fixed .annoy's repeated messages being able to trigger Wurst commands.
Wurst 7.27.1Added an “RC mode” checkbox to .annoy.
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