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The .help entry for .binds.
In-game description“Allows you to manage keybinds through the chat.

Syntax: .binds add <key> <hacks>
.binds add <key> <commands>
.binds remove <key>
.binds list [<page>]
.binds load-profile <file>
.binds save-profile <file>
.binds list-profiles [<page>]
.binds remove-all
.binds reset
Multiple hacks/commands must be separated by ';'.
Profiles are saved in '.minecraft/wurst/keybinds'.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/commands/BindsCmd.java

.binds is a chat command that allows the user to manage their keybinds through the chat.

Any .binds command can itself be bound to a key, which makes it possible to create keybinds that change other keybinds.

.binds can also create keybind profiles and switch between them, and these actions can themselves be turned into keybinds and included in profiles.

It is also possible to keybind chat messages or /commands by creating a keybind that triggers the .say command. (see examples below)


Main article: Command Syntax

  • .binds add <key> <hacks> binds <key> to toggle <hacks>.

  • .binds add <key> <commands> binds <key> to run <commands>.

  • .binds remove <key> removes the keybind for <key>, if there is one.

  • .binds list [<page>] shows a list of your keybinds.

  • .binds load-profile <file> loads the keybind profile at <file>, if it exists.

  • .binds save-profile <file> turns your current set of keybinds into a profile and saves it as <file>.

  • .binds list-profiles [<page>] shows a list of your keybind profiles.

  • .binds remove-all removes ALL keybinds (but doesn't remove any profiles).

  • .binds reset restores the default keybinds.


  • .binds list shows the first page of the keybind list.

  • .binds list 3 shows page 3 of the keybind list, if the list is long enough.

  • .binds add M AutoMine binds the M key to toggle AutoMine.

  • .binds add M .t AutoMine binds the M key to run a .t command that toggles AutoMine. (This keybind will behave exactly the same as the first example.)

  • .binds add M AutoMine;LSD binds the M key to toggle both AutoMine and LSD.

  • .binds add M .taco binds the M key to run the .taco command.

  • .binds add M .say /home binds the M key to run the /home command using .say.

  • .binds add M .say Hello world. binds the M key to send “Hello world.” as a chat message using .say.

  • .binds remove M removes the keybind for M, if there is one.

  • .binds list-profiles shows a list of the keybind profiles saved in .minecraft/wurst/keybinds.

  • .binds list-profiles 3 shows page 3 of the keybind profile list, if there are so many files in the .minecraft/wurst/keybinds folder that it needs 3 pages.

  • .binds save-profile example turns your current set of keybinds into a profile and saves it at .minecraft/wurst/keybinds/example.json.

  • .binds load-profile example loads the keybind profile at .minecraft/wurst/keybinds/example.json, if the file exists.


Wurst 1.5 BetaAdded .binds.
Wurst 6.4.1Improved .binds so that it can actually manage your keybinds and not just list them.
Wurst 6.11Renamed .binds clear to .binds remove.
Renamed .binds clear-all to .binds remove-all.
.binds add will now add new keybinds instead of adding new commands to existing keybinds.
Keybinds can now be set to either toggle hacks or run commands. (.binds add r killaura and .binds add r .t killaura are both valid.)
Keybinds that don't start with a dot will now be interpreted as commands rather than chat messages. (.binds add h Hello world. is no longer valid, but .binds add h .say Hello world. is.)
In addition to using ; in keybinds to separate multiple hacks/commands, one can now also use ;; to run a single command that contains ;. (.binds add h .say Hello;; world. is now valid and will output Hello; world. when pressed.)
Removed .binds set.
Wurst 7.1.2Added .binds load-profile <file> and .binds save-profile <file> commands.
You can have multiple profiles, each with a different set of keybinds in them. You can also keybind the .binds load-profile command to instantly switch to a different profile.
Added a .binds list-profiles command.
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