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This feature is only supported in Wurst versions for Minecraft 1.15.2.

In-game description“Allows you to mount chests on donkeys, llamas
and mules on servers that disable it,
allowing for a donkey chest duplication glitch.”
Default keybindnone

The MountBypass hack (a.k.a. AutoMount) allows the user to place a chest on the back of a donkey, llama or mule even on servers that disable this feature through plugins such as IllegalStack.

This allows the player to use the Donkey Inventory Oversight to duplicate items. This exploit was patched by Mojang in snapshot 20w16a, which is why the MountBypass hack is not supported in Minecraft 1.16 and later versions.

MountBypass hack was originally created by ThunderW0lf in Wurst7:97.

Server Compatibility

The server type can be determined by pressing F3. The server type should be the third line.

Server TypeIllegalStack PluginMountBypassDuplication
VanillaNoNot NecessaryYes
SpigotNoNot NecessaryYes
PaperNoNot NecessaryYes, on older Paper versions
PaperYesNecessaryWorks on IllegalStack versions below 2.1.1(?)
Waterfall, Tuinity, BungeeCordn/an/aDoes not work at all


Wurst 7.3Added MountBypass (Minecraft 1.15.2 only).
Wurst 7.6.2Navigator's search bar will now find MountBypass when searching for “AutoMount” or “auto mount”.
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