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Example of a player using NameTags with the "Force nametags" option to see their own nametag.
In-game description“Changes the scale of the nametags so you can always read them. Also allows you to see the nametags of sneaking players.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/NameTagsHack.java

NameTags is a Minecraft hack that makes it easier for the user to read nametags. It does this mainly by increasing the size of the nametags and un-hiding nametags of sneaking players. Optionally, NameTags can also remove the 64 block distance limit, render nametags on the see-through text layer, and force all players' nametags to be visible.


Unlimited range

Unlimited range
In-game description“Removes the 64 block distance limit for nametags.”
Default valuechecked

The “Unlimited range” setting allows nametags to be seen from any distance, even if the player is more than 64 blocks away.

See-through mode

See-through mode
In-game description“Renders nametags on the see-through text layer. This makes them easier to read behind walls, but harder to read behind water and other transparent things.”
Default valuenot checked

The “See-through mode” setting changes the nametag rendering by using the see-through text layer. This makes nametags easier to read behind walls, but also causes them to be obstructed by water and other transparent things.

Force nametags

Force nametags
In-game description“Forces nametags of all players to be visible, even your own.”
Default valuenot checked

The “Force nametags” setting allows the user to see nametags that would normally be hidden. This is useful for cheating in minigames where the name tags of other teams are supposed to be hidden.


Wurst 1.7 BetaAdded NameTags.
Wurst 3.0pre1Broke NameTags.
Wurst 3.0pre3Fixed NameTags.
NameTags now allows you to see the nametags of sneaking players.
unknown versionBroke NameTags again.
Wurst 6.6Fixed NameTags. (MC 1.11, 1.11 OF, 1.10 & 1.8)
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed NameTags.
Wurst 7.0pre26Re-added NameTags.
Wurst 7.32Added more settings to NameTags: “Unlimited range” (enabled by default), “See-through mode”, and “Force nametags”. (Wurst7:770 - Thanks to ThisTestUser!)
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