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Falling down from here would be deadly without NoFall.
In-game description“Protects you from fall damage.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/NoFallHack.java

NoFall is a Minecraft hack that protects the user from fall damage.

Unlike Minecraft's own Feather Falling enchantment, NoFall blocks all fall damage regardless of height and does not require any special armor. NoFall also doesn't change the speed at which the player falls, unlike the Slow Falling effect.

NoFall bypasses the original “AntiCheat” server plugin, but it is blocked by newer anti-cheat plugins such as NoCheat+.


Allow elytra

Allow elytra
In-game description“Also tries to prevent fall damage while you are flying with an elytra.

WARNING: This can sometimes cause you to stop flying unexpectedly.”
Default valuenot checked

If this checkbox is checked, NoFall will also try to prevent fall damage while the player is flying with an elytra. This allows it to block the fall damage that occurs when the player flies straight down into the ground, but it can also cause the elytra to sometimes glitch out and stop in mid-air.

Keeping this checkbox unchecked will still protect the player from fall damage that occurs immediately after the flight, for example if the player's elytra breaks mid-flight or they crash into a wall, and then they fall down as a result. It also results in smoother and more predictable elytra behavior.


Wurst 1.1 BetaAdded NoFall.
Wurst 7.0pre16Fixed NoWeb breaking NoFall.
Wurst 7.6Fixed some cases of NoFall causing weird glitches when used together with ExtraElytra.
Wurst 7.35.2By default, NoFall will now pause itself while you are flying with an elytra.You can restore NoFall's old behavior by enabling the “Allow elytra” checkbox in the settings.
Wurst 7.36Fixed NoFall not preventing fall damage when flying down with CreativeFlight in survival mode.
Fixed NoFall sending unnecessary packets when you're falling in creative mode.
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