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Using NukerLegit in Flat mode to break stone blocks with a pickaxe.
In-game description“Slower Nuker that bypasses all AntiCheat plugins.
Not required on normal NoCheat+ servers!”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/NukerLegitHack.java

NukerLegit is a Minecraft hack that automatically breaks blocks around the player, similar to Nuker.

The main difference between Nuker and NukerLegit is that Nuker makes the player face the blocks on the server-side, but NukerLegit makes the player face the blocks on the client-side. This means that the player can look around freely while using Nuker, but not while using NukerLegit. Other players on the server will see the user facing the blocks correctly, regardless of whether they are using Nuker or NukerLegit.

Another notable difference with NukerLegit is that it spoofs the pressing of the left mouse button, rather than creating block breaking packets directly. This can make a difference if there is an entity between the user and the block they are breaking. In that case, Nuker would try to break the block “through” the entity, while NukerLegit would left-click the entity like a normal player.



In-game description(none)
Default value4.25

The “Range” slider determines how far NukerLegit will reach to break blocks.

The maximum value is only 4.25 because the “NoCheat+” AntiCheat plugin false-flags users as hackers for trying to reach further than this, even though it's perfectly possible in vanilla Minecraft.


In-game descriptionNormal mode simply breaks everything
around you.
ID mode only breaks the selected block
type. Left-click on a block to select it.
MultiID mode only breaks the block types
in your MultiID List.
Flat mode flattens the area around you,
but won't dig down.
Smash mode only breaks blocks that
can be destroyed instantly (e.g. tall grass).”
Default valueNormal
Possible valuesNormal, ID, MultiID, Flat, Smash


In-game description“The type of block to break in ID mode.
air = won't break anything”
Default blockair

Lock ID

Lock ID
In-game description“Prevents changing the ID by clicking
on blocks or restarting Nuker.”
Default valuenot checked

MultiID List

MultiID List
In-game description“The types of blocks to break in MultiID mode.”
Default blocksancient_debris, bone_block, clay, coal_ore, diamond_ore, emerald_ore, glowstone, gold_ore, iron_ore, lapis_ore, nether_gold_ore, nether_quartz_ore, redstone_ore


Wurst 1.10 BetaAdded NukerLegit.
Wurst 1.14.2Nuker & NukerLegit now use breadth first search, making them faster and more legit.
Wurst 2.25Added NukerLegit settings.
Wurst 3.3NukerLegit and SpeedNuker can now override the settings of Nuker with their own ones.
Wurst 2.25 (Minecraft 1.8),
Wurst 5.6.2 (Minecraft 1.11)
Improved NoCheat+ bypass, range and accuracy of NukerLegit.
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed NukerLegit.
Wurst 7.0pre26Re-added NukerLegit.
Wurst 7.2Fixed a crash when using NukerLegit together with AutoTool.
Wurst 7.4Added a "MultiID" mode to NukerLegit.
Added a “MultiID List” setting to NukerLegit.
Added an “ID” setting to NukerLegit.
Added a “Lock ID” checkbox to NukerLegit.
Wurst 7.15.1Fixed NukerLegit not rendering properly when extremely far from spawn.
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