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In-game description“Faster version of Nuker that cannot bypass NoCheat+.”
Default keybind; or Ö depending on keyboard layout
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/SpeedNukerHack.java

SpeedNuker is a Minecraft hack that automatically breaks blocks around the player, much like Nuker, but faster.

SpeedNuker uses the same packet spamming technique as Kaboom to break blocks. This makes SpeedNuker much faster in Survival mode, but it also means that it cannot bypass NoCheat+ and can often get you kicked from the server for sending too many packets.

When used in Creative mode, SpeedNuker's behavior is identical to that of Nuker. This is because Nuker already breaks blocks instantly in Creative mode, so sending more packets wouldn't make any difference.



In-game description(none)
Default value5m

The “Range” slider determines how far SpeedNuker will reach to break blocks.


In-game descriptionNormal mode simply breaks everything around you.
ID mode only breaks the selected block type. Left-click on a block to select it.
MultiID mode only breaks the block types in your MultiID List.
Flat mode flattens the area around you, but won't dig down.
Smash mode only breaks blocks that can be destroyed instantly (e.g. tall grass).”
Default valueNormal
Possible valuesNormal, ID, MultiID, Flat, Smash

The “Mode” setting determines what kind of blocks SpeedNuker will break. The default “Normal” mode simply tries to break all blocks around the player. The “ID” and “MultiID” modes restrict the blocks that can be broken to a single type or a list of types, respectively. The “Flat” mode prevents SpeedNuker from breaking blocks that are below the player's feet. The “Smash” mode only breaks blocks that can be destroyed instantly, such as tall grass and torches.


In-game description“The type of block to break in ID mode.
air = won't break anything”
Default blockair

The “ID” setting determines what kind of blocks SpeedNuker will break in “ID” mode. Unless the “Lock ID” checkbox is checked, left-clicking on a block will change the “ID” setting to that type of block.

Lock ID

Lock ID
In-game description“Prevents changing the ID by clicking on blocks or restarting SpeedNuker.”
Default valuenot checked

The “Lock ID” checkbox prevents the “ID” setting from being changed by clicking on blocks or restarting SpeedNuker.

MultiID List

MultiID List
In-game description“The types of blocks to break in MultiID mode.”
Default blocksancient_debris, bone_block, coal_ore, copper_ore, deepslate_coal_ore, deepslate_copper_ore, deepslate_diamond_ore, deepslate_emerald_ore, deepslate_gold_ore, deepslate_iron_ore, deepslate_lapis_ore, deepslate_redstone_ore, diamond_ore, emerald_ore, glowstone, gold_ore, iron_ore, lapis_ore, nether_gold_ore, nether_quartz_ore, raw_copper_block, raw_gold_block, raw_iron_block, redstone_ore

The “MultiID List” setting determines what kind of blocks SpeedNuker will break in “MultiID” mode. Unlike the “ID” mode, left-clicking on a block will not make any changes to the list. The list can only be edited by clicking on the “Edit” button.

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Wurst 1.4Added SpeedNuker.
Wurst 3.3NukerLegit and SpeedNuker can now override the settings of Nuker with their own ones.
Wurst 5.6 (Minecraft 1.11),
Wurst 2.25 (Minecraft 1.8)
Improved speed and performance of Kaboom and SpeedNuker.
Kaboom and SpeedNuker will now work in both survival and creative mode.
Kaboom and SpeedNuker will no longer get you kicked from the server quite as often.
Wurst 6.20.2Fixed a crash when SpeedNuker's mode cannot be loaded from the settings file.
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed SpeedNuker.
Wurst 7.0pre26Re-added SpeedNuker.
Wurst 7.4Added a “MultiID” mode to SpeedNuker.
Added a “MultiID List” setting to SpeedNuker.
Added an “ID” setting to SpeedNuker.
Added a “Lock ID” checkbox to SpeedNuker.
Fixed SpeedNuker's Mode setting missing its tooltip.
Wurst 7.12SpeedNuker will no longer stay enabled after restarting the game.
Wurst 7.32Fixed a typo in the description of SpeedNuker's “Lock ID” setting.
Updated the default list of blocks for the “MultiID List” setting in Nuker, NukerLegit and SpeedNuker.
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