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Using X-Ray in Wurst 1.2.
In-game description“Allows you to see ores through walls.”
Default keybindX
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/XRayHack.java

X-Ray is a Minecraft hack that reveals the location of nearby ores to the user.



In-game description(none)
Default blocksancient_debris, anvil, beacon, bone_block, bookshelf, brewing_stand, chain_command_block, chest, clay, coal_block, coal_ore, command_block, copper_ore, crafting_table, deepslate_coal_ore, deepslate_copper_ore, deepslate_diamond_ore, deepslate_gold_ore, deepslate_iron_ore, deepslate_lapis_ore, deepslate_redstone_ore, diamond_block, diamond_ore, dispenser, dropper, emerald_block, emerald_ore, enchanting_table, end_portal, end_portal_frame, ender_chest, furnace, glowstone, gold_block, gold_ore, hopper, iron_block, iron_ore, ladder, lapis_block, lapis_ore, lava, lodestone, mossy_cobblestone, nether_gold_ore, nether_portal, nether_quartz_ore, raw_copper_block, raw_gold_block, raw_iron_block, redstone_block, redstone_ore, repeating_command_block, spawner, tnt, torch, trapped_chest, water

“Ores” determines which blocks will be revealed when X-Ray is enabled. Despite the name, this setting is not limited to just ores. Any block in Minecraft can be added here and will then be revealed by X-Ray.


FIXME unknown versionAdded X-Ray.
Wurst 1.9 BetaAdded .xray: Adds, removes or lists X-Ray blocks or toggles X-Ray.
Wurst 1.10 BetaAdded X-Ray Block Manager.
Wurst 1.3.1Slightly improved the X-Ray Blocks Manager.
Wurst 2.2Fixed X-Ray showing fewer ores than it should.
Fixed transparent blocks (leaves, half slabs, etc.) always showing up on X-Ray.
Wurst 2.29Updated the default X-Ray blocks.
Wurst 3.0pre3Broke X-Ray.
Wurst 3.0pre3Fixed X-Ray.
Wurst 3.0pre4Fixed the X-Ray Block Manager not letting you select blocks from the list.
Wurst 4.4Fixed X-Ray not showing all ores.
Wurst 5.10Updated the default X-Ray blocks.
Wurst 6.4.1Fixed X-Ray not rendering properly when using shaders. (Minecraft 1.11 OF only)
Wurst 6.22Replaced the X-Ray Blocks Manager with a general-purpose editor for lists of blocks, similar to that in ForgeWurst.
Added .xray reset command to reset X-Ray's block list.
X-Ray's list of blocks can now be edited from the ClickGUI.
X-Ray's list of blocks is now saved in “settings.json” instead of “xray.json”.
Fixed X-Ray destroying redstone in singleplayer.
Wurst 6.23Fixed a crash when disabling X-Ray.
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed X-Ray.
Wurst 7.0pre4Re-added X-Ray.
Wurst 7.0pre5Fixed X-Ray's default list of ores not loading properly in 1.15 snapshots.
Wurst 7.0pre10Fixed X-Ray not working when OptiFine / OptiFabric is installed.
Wurst 7.0pre27Fixed a visual glitch when editing a block list setting (e.g. X-Ray Ores).
Wurst 7.2Added Ancient Debris, Nether Gold Ore and the Lodestone to the default X-Ray Ores. (MC 1.16.1)
Wurst 7.12Updated X-Ray's list of ores to include new 1.17 blocks like copper ore and all of the deepslate ores by default. (Minecraft 21w08a+ only)
Wurst 7.13X-Ray will now show a warning when OptiFine or Sodium is installed.
Fixed a visual glitch when editing BlockList settings (e.g. X-Ray's list of ores).
Wurst 7.15Added deepslate copper ore and deepslate coal ore to X-Ray’s default list of ores. (Minecraft 21w18a+)
Wurst 7.19The X-Ray Ores setting now includes raw copper blocks, raw iron blocks and raw gold blocks by default.
Wurst 7.21Partially fixed X-Ray not working with Sodium. (Thanks to octeep!)
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