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Using X-Ray in Wurst 1.2.
In-game description“Allows you to see ores through walls.”
Default keybindX
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/XRayHack.java

X-Ray is a Minecraft hack that reveals the location of nearby ores to the user. It's especially useful for mining, but it can also be used to find spawners or end portal frames.



In-game description(none)
Default blocksancient_debris, anvil, beacon, bone_block, bookshelf, brewing_stand, chain_command_block, chest, clay, coal_block, coal_ore, command_block, copper_ore, crafting_table, deepslate_coal_ore, deepslate_copper_ore, deepslate_diamond_ore, deepslate_emerald_ore, deepslate_gold_ore, deepslate_iron_ore, deepslate_lapis_ore, deepslate_redstone_ore, diamond_block, diamond_ore, dispenser, dropper, emerald_block, emerald_ore, enchanting_table, end_portal, end_portal_frame, ender_chest, furnace, glowstone, gold_block, gold_ore, hopper, iron_block, iron_ore, ladder, lapis_block, lapis_ore, lava, lodestone, mossy_cobblestone, nether_gold_ore, nether_portal, nether_quartz_ore, raw_copper_block, raw_gold_block, raw_iron_block, redstone_block, redstone_ore, repeating_command_block, spawner, suspicous_sand, tnt, torch, trapped_chest, water

“Ores” determines which blocks will be revealed when X-Ray is enabled. Despite the name, this setting is not limited to just ores. Any block in Minecraft can be added here and will then be revealed by X-Ray.


Wurst 1.1 BetaAdded X-Ray.
Wurst 1.9 BetaAdded .xray: Adds, removes or lists X-Ray blocks or toggles X-Ray.
Wurst 1.10 BetaAdded X-Ray Block Manager.
Wurst 1.3.1Slightly improved the X-Ray Blocks Manager.
Wurst 2.2Fixed X-Ray showing fewer ores than it should.
Fixed transparent blocks (leaves, half slabs, etc.) always showing up on X-Ray.
Wurst 2.29Updated the default X-Ray blocks.
Wurst 3.0pre3Broke X-Ray.
Wurst 3.0pre3Fixed X-Ray.
Wurst 3.0pre4Fixed the X-Ray Block Manager not letting you select blocks from the list.
Wurst 4.4Fixed X-Ray not showing all ores.
Wurst 5.10Updated the default X-Ray blocks.
Wurst 6.4.1Fixed X-Ray not rendering properly when using shaders. (Minecraft 1.11 OF only)
Wurst 6.22Replaced the X-Ray Blocks Manager with a general-purpose editor for lists of blocks, similar to that in ForgeWurst.
Added .xray reset command to reset X-Ray's block list.
X-Ray's list of blocks can now be edited from the ClickGUI.
X-Ray's list of blocks is now saved in “settings.json” instead of “xray.json”.
Fixed X-Ray destroying redstone in singleplayer.
Wurst 6.23Fixed a crash when disabling X-Ray.
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed X-Ray.
Wurst 7.0pre4Re-added X-Ray.
Wurst 7.0pre5Fixed X-Ray's default list of ores not loading properly in 1.15 snapshots.
Wurst 7.0pre10Fixed X-Ray not working when OptiFine / OptiFabric is installed.
Wurst 7.0pre27Fixed a visual glitch when editing a block list setting (e.g. X-Ray Ores).
Wurst 7.2Added Ancient Debris, Nether Gold Ore and the Lodestone to the default X-Ray Ores. (MC 1.16.1)
Wurst 7.12Updated X-Ray's list of ores to include new 1.17 blocks like copper ore and all of the deepslate ores by default. (Minecraft 21w08a+ only)
Wurst 7.13X-Ray will now show a warning when OptiFine or Sodium is installed.
Fixed a visual glitch when editing BlockList settings (e.g. X-Ray's list of ores).
Wurst 7.15Added deepslate copper ore and deepslate coal ore to X-Ray's default list of ores. (Minecraft 21w18a+)
Wurst 7.19The X-Ray Ores setting now includes raw copper blocks, raw iron blocks and raw gold blocks by default.
Wurst 7.21Partially fixed X-Ray not working with Sodium. (Thanks to octeep!)
Wurst 7.31Added Suspicious Sand to X-Ray's default list of blocks. ඞ (Minecraft 23w07a and later versions only)
Wurst 7.32Fixed X-Ray's default list of ores not including deepslate emerald ore.
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