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Viewing the help entry for .xray while X-Ray is enabled.
In-game description“Shortcut for '.blocklist X-Ray Ores'.

Syntax: .xray add <block>
.xray remove <block>
.xray list [<page>]
.xray reset
Example: .xray add gravel” [Wurst 7 only]
“Manages X-Ray's block list.” [Wurst 6 only]
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/commands/XrayCmd.java

.xray is a chat command that can be used to enable, disable, or configure the X-Ray hack.

As of Wurst 7.20, .xray acts as a shortcut to the .blocklist command.


Main article: Command Syntax

  • .xray add <block> adds the given block to your X-Ray blocks list.

  • .xray remove <block> removes the given block from your X-Ray blocks list.

  • .xray list [<page>] lists up to eight entries of your X-Ray blocks list. Typing the command without specifying a page will always show the first page.

  • .xray reset resets the X-Ray Ores list to its default values.


  • .xray add tnt adds TNT to the X-Ray blocks list.

  • .xray add 46 [Wurst 6 only] or .xray add 1487 [Wurst 7 only] adds TNT to the X-Ray blocks list.1)

  • .xray remove tnt removes TNT from the X-Ray blocks list.

  • .xray list 2 shows page two of the X-Ray Ores list (if the list is large enough).


Wurst 1.9 BetaAdded .xray.
Wurst 3.4Fixed a crash when using the .xray command.
Wurst 6.22Simplified the syntax of the .xray command.
Added .xray reset to reset X-Ray's block list.
Wurst 7.0pre1Removed .xray.
Wurst 7.20Added a new .xray command that acts as a shortcut for .blocklist. The syntax is the same as the old .xray command.
The numbers are different because all numeric block IDs changed after The Flattening.
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