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In-game description“Automatically attacks the closest valid entity
whenever you click.

WARNING: ClickAuras generally look more suspicious
than Killauras and are easier for plugins to detect.
It is recommended to use Killaura or TriggerBot instead.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/ClickAuraHack.java

Like Killaura, ClickAura is a hack that automatically attacks entities around the player. However, ClickAura only attacks when the user presses the attack button (left click by default).



In-game description(none)
Default value5


In-game description“Attack speed in clicks per second.
0 = dynamically adjusts the speed to match your attack cooldown.”
Default value0 (use cooldown)
Minimum0 (use cooldown)
Maximum20 CPS
Increment0.1 CPS

The “Speed” slider determines how many times per second to attack the target1). When set to zero, it dynamically adjusts the speed based on the attack cooldown, such that each attack will deal the highest possible damage.

This is a generic slider used in multiple hacks.


In-game description“Determines which entity will be attacked first.
Distance - Attacks the closest entity.
Angle - Attacks the entity that requires
the least head movement.
Health - Attacks the weakest entity.”
Default valueAngle
Possible valuesDistance, Angle, Health


In-game description(none)
Default value360°

The “FOV” slider limits how far ClickAura will move the player's head in order to face and then attack an entity. Any entity that is outside of this field of view will not be attacked at all.

The FOV generally goes “both ways around”: An FOV setting of 180° will attack any entities that are up to 90° away in any direction, resulting a 180° cone centered around where the player is facing. Similarly, an FOV setting of 90° creates a 90° cone where anything up to 45° away can be attacked, and so on. An FOV setting of 360° will attack targets all around the player.

The FOV setting takes both horizontal and vertical rotation into account and is always based on the player's client-side facing.

Hit through walls

Hit through walls [Wurst 6 only]
In-game description(none)
Default valuenot checked

When checked, ClickAura will only attack if the player has line-of-sight to the target. This helps with bypassing AntiCheat plugins but can sometimes cause problems when the target is behind tall grass or similar blocks.


ClickAura uses the Generic Combat Filter List.


Wurst 2.11Added ClickAura.
Wurst 2.16Fixed ClickAura not attacking attack anything until you enabled Killaura at least once.
Wurst 2.25ClickAura will now prioritize targets based on their angle to the player's server-side rotation instead of their distance to the player. (MC 1.8)
Wurst 3.0pre4ClickAura will now work with the new attack cooldown.
Wurst 3.3ClickAura can now override the settings of Killaura with its own ones.
Wurst 4.1Fixed ClickAura always using the Killaura settings instead of its own ones.
Wurst 4.5Improved ClickAura performance.
Wurst 5.6ClickAura will now prioritize targets based on their angle to the player's server-side rotation instead of their distance to the player.
Wurst 6.4Improved ClickAura.
Fixed ClickAura moving the player's head slowly when set to a slow attack speed.
Wurst 6.34Added the “Filter players”, “Filter sleeping”, “Filter flying”, “Filter monsters”, “Filter pigmen”, “Filter endermen”, “Filter animals”, “Filter babies”, “Filter pets”, “Filter traders”, “Filter golems”, “Filter invisible”, “Filter named”, “Filter armor stands” and “Filter crystals” settings to ClickAura.
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed ClickAura.
Wurst 7.0pre17Re-added ClickAura.
Wurst 7.5Added a “Filter armor stands” checkbox to ClickAura.
ClickAura can now target end crystals.
Added a “Filter end crystals” checkbox to ClickAura.
Replaced the “Filter villagers” checkbox in ClickAura with a “Filter traders” checkbox.
Wurst 7.6Added a “Filter named” checkbox to ClickAura.
Wurst 7.21Re-added the FOV setting in ClickAura.
Wurst 7.32Generally improved the aiming logic. All hacks that aim at things should now be a little bit harder for anti-cheat plugins to detect.
This is sometimes called APS or CPS in other clients.
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