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“Aura” redirects here. For other uses, see List of Auras.

In-game description“Automatically attacks entities around you.”
Default keybindR
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/KillauraHack.java
Attacking another player with Killaura and Criticals. Notice how the crosshair is not pointing at the target, yet the attacks are still hitting it.

Getting attacked by another player with Killaura. From this perspective, it looks like the attacker is facing the target. This prevents other players from seeing that Killaura is being used.

Killaura is a hack that automatically attacks entities around the player.

Killaura faces its target on the server-side, but not on the client-side. This allows the user too look around freely while still preventing other players and server plugins from seeing that Killaura is being used. (See the pictures on the right for a demonstration of this effect.)



In-game description“Determines how far Killaura will reach
to attack entities.
Anything that is further away than the
specified value will not be attacked.” [Wurst 7 only]
Default value5


In-game description“Attack speed in clicks per second.
0 = dynamically adjusts the speed to match your attack cooldown.”
Default value0 (use cooldown)
Minimum0 (use cooldown)
Maximum20 CPS
Increment0.1 CPS

The “Speed” slider determines how many times per second to attack the target1). When set to zero, it dynamically adjusts the speed based on the attack cooldown, such that each attack will deal the highest possible damage.

This is a generic slider used in multiple hacks.


In-game description“Determines which entity will be attacked first.
Distance - Attacks the closest entity.
Angle - Attacks the entity that requires
the least head movement.
Health - Attacks the weakest entity.”
Default valueAngle
Possible valuesDistance, Angle, Health


In-game description(none)
Default value360°

The “FOV” slider limits how far Killaura will move the player's head in order to face and then attack an entity. Any entity that is outside of this field of view will not be attacked at all.

The FOV generally goes “both ways around”: An FOV setting of 180° will attack any entities that are up to 90° away in any direction, resulting a 180° cone centered around where the player is facing. Similarly, an FOV setting of 90° creates a 90° cone where anything up to 45° away can be attacked, and so on. An FOV setting of 360° will attack targets all around the player.

The FOV setting takes both horizontal and vertical rotation into account and is always based on the player's client-side facing.

Damage indicator

Example of Killaura's damage indicator visualizing the remaining health of a creeper.
Damage indicator
In-game description“Renders a colored box within the target, inversely proportional to its remaining health.”
Default valuechecked

Pause on containers

An example of Hypixel's chest-like menus.
Pause on containers
In-game description“Won't attack while a container screen (chest, hopper, etc.) is open.
Useful for minigame servers that display chest-like menus.”
Default valuechecked

As the in-game description says, this checkbox pauses all attacks when the user opens a container, such as a chest or hopper. More importantly, it also pauses all attacks when a server like Hypixel displays some kind of menu using a fake chest.

This is a generic checkbox used in multiple hacks.

Hit through walls

Hit through walls [Wurst 6 only]
In-game description(none)
Default valuenot checked

When checked, Killaura will only attack if the player has line-of-sight to the target. This helps with bypassing AntiCheat plugins but can sometimes cause problems when the target is behind tall grass or similar blocks.


Killaura uses the Generic Combat Filter List.


Wurst 1.1 BetaAdded Killaura.
Wurst 1.2.4 BetaArenaBrawl, FightBot, Killaura and Protect will no longer target dying entities.
Wurst 1.3 BetaSmaller bugfixes for Killaura, FightBot, etc.
Wurst 1.5.1 BetaAdded a slider for the Killaura speed.
Wurst 1.10 BetaAdded a slider for the Killaura range.
Killaura now uses packets to face entities.
The slider for the Killaura YesCheat+ speed now changes the normal Killaura speed.
YesCheat+ now limits the Killaura speed to 12 attacks per second and the Killaura and Nuker range to 4.25 blocks when it's enabled.
Wurst 2.9Added an FOV slider to Killaura, KillauraLegit, BowAimbot, Follow, Protect and ForcePush.
Minor performance improvements for hacks that target entities (Killaura, etc.).
Wurst 2.17Attacking entities with Killaura while sprinting will no longer cancel the sprint.
Wurst 2.21Fixed Killaura not properly bypassing when hitting entities behind the player.
Wurst 2.21.1Fixed Killaura (and some other auras) doing weird things when entities are outside of the user's range.
Wurst 2.25Killaura, KillauraLegit, ClickAura and BowAimbot will now prioritize targets based on their angle to the player’s server-side rotation instead of their distance to the player.
Wurst 3.0pre4Killaura, KillauraLegit, MultiAura, ClickAura, TP-Aura and TriggerBot will now work with the new attack cooldown.
Wurst 3.0Fixed Killaura doing less damage than it should.
Wurst 3.1Fixed Killaura not properly bypassing when hitting entities behind the player.
Wurst 3.2Killaura can now be configured to hit entities through walls.
Fixed Killaura (and some other auras) doing weird things when entities are outside of the user's range.
Wurst 3.3KillauraLegit, MultiAura, ClickAura, TP-Aura and TriggerBot can now override the settings of Killaura with their own ones.
Sliders can now be disabled. For instance, the “Speed” slider in Killaura won’t do anything while “Use cooldown as speed” is checked.
Wurst 4.4Fixed Killaura not rotating the player's head properly.
Wurst 4.5Killaura can now override the settings in Target.
Improved entity targeting algorithm. This increases the performance and accuracy all features that do something with entities (Killaura, BowAimbot, Follow, etc.), especially on servers that have a lot of entities.
ClickAura, Killaura, KillauraLegit, MultiAura and TriggerBot will now only search for a target once they are ready for the next attack, increasing their performance.
All attack speed sliders now have a minimum value of 0.1 attacks per second, meaning that any feature that attacks things can now be configured to wait up to 10 seconds between attacks.
Fixed ClickAura, FightBot, Killaura and KillauraLegit moving the player's head slowly when set to a slow attack speed.
Wurst 5.6Killaura, KillauraLegit, ClickAura and BowAimbot will now prioritize targets based on their angle to the player’s server-side rotation instead of their distance to the player.
Wurst 5.9Fixed locked checkboxes, sliders and color selectors not updating properly (a.k.a. Killaura ignoring the Target settings).
Fixed FOV calculations (a.k.a. Killaura sometimes not attacking anything).
Wurst 6.4Simplified Killaura’s settings.
Wurst 6.8.1Killaura will now work while blocking. (MC 1.8)
Fixed Killaura and similar hacks sometimes sending incorrect rotation packets.
Wurst 6.18Added an animation to Killaura that shows you how close you are to killing the selected entity.
Wurst 6.20Added a “Filter flying” setting to Killaura so you can filter out flying bots from Watchdog, etc.
Increased the maximum value of Killaura's “Range” setting to 10 blocks.
Added a “Priority” setting to Killaura so you can choose to prioritize targets by angle, by distance or by health.
Wurst 6.34Added the “Filter players”, “Filter sleeping”, “Filter flying”, “Filter monsters”, “Filter pigmen”, “Filter endermen”, “Filter animals”, “Filter babies”, “Filter pets”, “Filter traders”, “Filter golems”, “Filter invisible”, “Filter named”, “Filter armor stands” and “Filter crystals” settings to Killaura.
Improved Killaura's search tags.
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed Killaura.
Wurst 7.0pre8Re-added Killaura.
Wurst 7.1.2Fixed a visual glitch of some settings in Navigator. (e.g. Killaura settings)
Wurst 7.3Improved some of the tooltips for Killaura's settings.
Wurst 7.5Added a “Filter armor stands” checkbox to Killaura.
Killaura can now target end crystals.
Added a “Filter end crystals” checkbox to Killaura.
Replaced the “Filter villagers” checkbox in Killaura with a “Filter traders” checkbox: when checked, it won’t target villagers, wandering traders or modded traders.
Wurst 7.6Added a “Filter named” checkbox to Killaura.
Improved Killaura's search tags.
Wurst 7.15.1Fixed Killaura not rendering properly when extremely far from spawn.
Wurst 7.21Re-added the FOV setting in Killaura.
Wurst 7.23Added a “Damage indicator” checkbox to Killaura and KillauraLegit. (Thanks to sudofox!)
Wurst 7.27Added a “Pause on containers” setting to Killaura.
Wurst 7.32Generally improved the aiming logic. All hacks that aim at things should now be a little bit harder for anti-cheat plugins to detect.
ForgeWurst 0.1 BetaAdded Killaura.
ForgeWurst 0.3 BetaFixed Killaura and PlayerESP targeting the fake players that Blink and Freecam create.
ForgeWurst 0.6 BetaAdded a “Filter flying” setting to Killaura.
Fixed Killaura's “Filter sleeping” setting not actually filtering anything.
Increased the maximum value of Killaura's “Range” setting to 10 blocks.
ForgeWurst 0.7 BetaFixed Killaura's “Filter flying” setting filtering out all players. (MC 1.10.2)
This is sometimes called APS or CPS in other clients.
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