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In-game description“Automatically attacks the closest valid entity while teleporting around it.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/TpAuraHack.java

TP-Aura is a Minecraft hack that automatically attacks the closest valid entity while randomly teleporting the user around it. This makes it much harder for the target to defend itself from the TP-Aura user.

TP-Aura is a very effective PVP tool, but it also makes it very easy to get caught by anti-cheat plugins because of all the teleporting.



In-game description(none)
Default value4.25m

The “Range” slider determines how far TP-Aura will reach to attack entities. It does not affect how far away from the target entity TP-Aura will teleport, thus setting the “Range” slider too low (below ~3m) can cause TP-Aura to stop attacking altogether.


In-game description“Attack speed in clicks per second.
0 = dynamically adjusts the speed to match your attack cooldown.”
Default value0 (use cooldown)
Minimum0 (use cooldown)
Maximum20 CPS
Increment0.1 CPS

The “Speed” slider determines how many times per second to attack the target1). When set to zero, it dynamically adjusts the speed based on the attack cooldown, such that each attack will deal the highest possible damage.

This is a generic slider used in multiple hacks.


In-game description“Determines which entity will be attacked first.
Distance - Attacks the closest entity.
Angle - Attacks the entity that requires the least head movement.
Health - Attacks the weakest entity.”
Default valueAngle
Possible valuesDistance, Angle, Health

The “Priority” setting determines how TP-Aura will prioritize targets when there are multiple valid entities within range. The “Distance” setting will always attack the closest entity, even if it's behind the player. The “Angle” setting will attack the entity that is closest to the player's crosshair. The “Health” setting will attack the entity with the lowest health.

Pause on containers

An example of Hypixel's chest-like menus.
Pause on containers
In-game description“Won't attack while a container screen (chest, hopper, etc.) is open.
Useful for minigame servers that display chest-like menus.”
Default valuechecked

As the in-game description says, this checkbox pauses all attacks when the user opens a container, such as a chest or hopper. More importantly, it also pauses all attacks when a server like Hypixel displays some kind of menu using a fake chest.

This is a generic checkbox used in multiple hacks.


TP-Aura uses the Generic Combat Filter List.


Wurst 2.16Added TP-Aura.
Wurst 2.17Attacking entities with TP-Aura while sprinting will no longer cancel the sprint.
Wurst 3.0pre3Broke TP-Aura.
Wurst 3.0pre4Fixed TP-Aura.
TP-Aura will now work with the new attack cooldown.
Wurst 3.3TP-Aura can now override the settings of Killaura with its own ones.
Wurst 4.5Fixed TP-Aura's teleportation speed being determined by the attack speed slider, even when the attack cooldown is used and the speed slider is disabled.
Wurst 6.4Improved TP-Aura.2)
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed TP-Aura.
Wurst 7.0pre25Re-added TP-Aura.
Added a “Priority” setting to TP-Aura.
Added filters to TP-Aura.
Removed the “Speed” slider from TP-Aura and made it always use the attack cooldown instead.
Wurst 7.5Added a “Filter armor stands” checkbox to TP-Aura.
TP-Aura can now target end crystals.
Replaced the “Filter villagers” checkbox in TP-Aura with a “Filter traders” checkbox.
Wurst 7.6Added a “Filter named” checkbox to TP-Aura.
Wurst 7.25Added a “Speed” slider to TP-Aura that determines its attack speed. When set to zero, the speed is dynamically adjusted to match your attack cooldown.
Wurst 7.27Added a “Pause on containers” setting to TP-Aura.
This is sometimes called APS or CPS in other clients.
The changelog doesn't specify what exactly was improved.
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