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This article is about the HackList feature. For the list of all hacks in Wurst, see list_of_hacks.

The HackList on the left side of the screen, under the Wurst logo.
TypeOther Feature
In-game description“Shows a list of active hacks on the screen.”
Default keybindnone

HackList is a Wurst feature that displays a list of enabled hacks on the screen.



In-game descriptionAuto mode renders the whole list if it fits onto the screen.
Count mode only renders the number of active hacks.
Hidden mode renders nothing.”
Default valueAuto
Possible valuesAuto, Count, Hidden


In-game description“Which side of the screen the HackList should be shown on.
Change this to Right when using TabGUI.”
Default valueLeft
Possible valuesLeft, Right

“Position” determines whether the HackList is shown on the left side of the screen (under the Wurst Logo), or on the right side of the screen. If “Position” is set to “Left” while TabGUI is enabled, HackList and TabGUI will overlap each other. For this reason, it is recommended to change the “Position” setting to “Right” when using TabGUI.


In-game description“Color of the HackList text.
Only visible when RainbowUI is disabled.”
Default value#FFFFFF

Sort by

Sort by
In-game description“Determines how the HackList entries are sorted.
Only visible when Mode is set to Auto.”
Default valueName
Possible valuesName, Width

Reverse sorting

Reverse sorting
In-game description(none)
Default valuenot checked

When checked, this reverses the sorting done by the Sort by setting.


In-game description“When enabled, entries slide into and out of the HackList as hacks are enabled and disabled.”
Default valuechecked

When a hack is toggled while “Animations” is checked, the hack will slide into or out of the HackList smoothly. If “Animations” is not checked, the hack will appear in the list or disappear from the list instantly.


Wurst 1.1 BetaAdded ArrayList.
Wurst 1.3.1Added Options for the ArrayList.
Wurst 1.6Fixed font weirdness when ArrayList is empty or disabled.
Wurst 1.9Renamed ArrayList to ModList.
Wurst 6.5Added ModList animations (optional).
Wurst 6.28.1Renamed ModList to HackList.
Added a button to the “UI Settings” window in ClickGUI to access the HackList settings.
Wurst 7.0pre3Added a “HackList” feature in Navigator that allows you to customize / disable the list of enabled hacks.
Added a button to the “UI Settings” window in ClickGUI to access the HackList settings.
Wurst 7.0pre5Fixed the WurstLogo and HackList settings resetting themselves to the default values every time the game is restarted.
Wurst 7.0pre10Fixed the description of HackList's “Mode” setting.
Wurst 7.0pre13Moved the “Wurst Logo” and “HackList” buttons to the top of the “UI Settings” window.
Wurst 7.17Added “Sort by” and “Reverse sorting” settings to HackList. Allows you to customize how hacks in the HackList are sorted.
Fixed HackList glitching out for a split-second when opening ClickGUI.
Wurst 7.17.1Fixed duplicate entries in HackList when the HackList Animations checkbox is unchecked.
Wurst 7.19Added a “Color” setting to HackList.
Improved various tooltips in and around the HackList feature.
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