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Using TriggerBot to fight against a group of zombies.
In-game description“Automatically attacks the entity you're looking at.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/TriggerBotHack.java

TriggerBot is a Minecraft hack that automatically causes the player to attack whenever the user is looking at an entity. TriggerBot can be configured to only attack certain types of entities, such as hostile mobs or players. It can also be configured to attack while the user is blocking with a shield or using an item, which would be impossible in vanilla Minecraft.



In-game description(none)
Default value4.25

The “Range” slider determines how far TriggerBot will reach to attack entities. If the user looks at an entity that is further away than the specified value, TriggerBot won't trigger an attack.


In-game description“Attack speed in clicks per second.
0 = dynamically adjusts the speed to match your attack cooldown.”
Default value0 (use cooldown)
Minimum0 (use cooldown)
Maximum20 CPS
Increment0.1 CPS

The “Speed” slider determines how many times per second to attack the target1). When set to zero, it dynamically adjusts the speed based on the attack cooldown, such that each attack will deal the highest possible damage.

This is a generic slider used in multiple hacks.

Attack while blocking

Attack while blocking
In-game description“Whether or not to attack while blocking with a shield / using items.”
Default valuenot checked

The “Attack while blocking” checkbox determines whether or not TriggerBot will attack while the user is blocking with a shield or using an item. This would not be possible to do in vanilla Minecraft. Using this option gives the user an advantage in PVP, but also makes it very obvious that the user is cheating.


TriggerBot uses the Generic Combat Filter List.


Wurst 1.4Added TriggerBot.
Wurst 1.9Fixed TriggerBot not calculating its range and speed correctly.
Wurst 1.10Fixed TriggerBot ignoring AutoSword
Wurst 2.17Attacking entities with TriggerBot while sprinting will no longer cancel the sprint.
Wurst 3.0pre4TriggerBot will now work with the new attack cooldown.
Wurst 3.3TriggerBot can now override the settings of Killaura with its own ones.
Wurst 4.5TriggerBot will now only search for a target once it is ready for the next attack, increasing its performance.
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed TriggerBot.
Wurst 7.0pre17Re-added TriggerBot.
Wurst 7.5Added a “Filter armor stands” checkbox to TriggerBot.
TriggerBot can now target end crystals.
Replaced the “Filter villagers” checkbox in TriggerBot with a “Filter traders” checkbox.
Wurst 7.6Added a “Filter named” checkbox to TriggerBot.
Wurst 7.25Added a “Speed” slider to TriggerBot. When set to zero, the speed is dynamically adjusted to match your attack cooldown.
Wurst 7.27TriggerBot will no longer attack at all when a container or even the player's inventory screen is open.
Wurst 7.31Fixed TriggerBot trying to attack while you are blocking, eating food, etc.
Added an “Attack while blocking” checkbox to TriggerBot that lets you disable the above fix, in case you want to attack while blocking. (Thanks to EncryptionEnjoyer!)
This is sometimes called APS or CPS in other clients.
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