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This article is about the Protect hack. For the command, see .protect.

In-game description“A bot that follows the closest entity and protects it from other entities.
Use .protect to protect a specific entity instead of the closest one.”
Default keybindnone
Source codenet/wurstclient/hacks/ProtectHack.java

Protect is a Minecraft hack that acts like a combination of Follow and FightBot. It will follow the closest entity (known as the “friend”) and then attack any other entity that gets too close to the friend (known as the “enemy”). When an enemy is detected, Protect will stop following the friend and start attacking the enemy, until the enemy is either dead or too far away from the friend. Then it will resume following the friend.



In-game description“Attack speed in clicks per second.
0 = dynamically adjusts the speed to match your attack cooldown.”
Default value0 (use cooldown)
Minimum0 (use cooldown)
Maximum20 CPS
Increment0.1 CPS

The “Speed” slider determines how many times per second to attack the target1). When set to zero, it dynamically adjusts the speed based on the attack cooldown, such that each attack will deal the highest possible damage.

This is a generic slider used in multiple hacks.

Use AI (experimental)

Use AI (experimental)
In-game description(none)
Default valuenot checked

The “Use AI (experimental)” checkbox, when enabled, allows Protect to use Wurst's AI pathfinder to find the best way to reach its target. When disabled, Protect will simply walk towards its target (friend or enemy) in a straight line. This setting is labeled as “experimental” because it is possible for the AI to get stuck in some situations.

Pause on containers

An example of Hypixel's chest-like menus.
Pause on containers
In-game description“Won't attack while a container screen (chest, hopper, etc.) is open.
Useful for minigame servers that display chest-like menus.”
Default valuechecked

As the in-game description says, this checkbox pauses all attacks when the user opens a container, such as a chest or hopper. More importantly, it also pauses all attacks when a server like Hypixel displays some kind of menu using a fake chest.

This is a generic checkbox used in multiple hacks.


Protect's filters are very similar to the Generic Combat Filter List. The only difference is that Protect filters out end crystals by default.


Wurst 1.2Added Protect.
Wurst 2.9.1Added FOV slider to Killaura, which at the time also affected Protect.
Wurst 4.5Added cooldown support to Protect (if enabled in Killaura settings).
Improved distance calculations in Follow and Protect.
Fixed Protect not attacking correctly.
Fixed Protect not swimming correctly in some situations.
Wurst 6.10Added Protect AI (optional).
Wurst 7.0pre1Temporarily removed Protect.
Wurst 7.0pre25Re-added Protect.
Added filters to Protect.
Fixed Protect sometimes still rendering a path when the “Use AI” setting is disabled.
.protect will no longer toggle Protect if no target is specified. (Use .t protect for that.)
Wurst 7.5Added a “Filter armor stands” checkbox to Protect.
Protect can now target end crystals.
Replaced the “Filter villagers” checkbox in Protect with a “Filter traders” checkbox: when checked, it won't target villagers, wandering traders or modded traders.
Wurst 7.6Added a “Filter named” checkbox to Protect.
Wurst 7.25Added a “Speed” slider to Protect that determines its attack speed. When set to zero, the speed is dynamically adjusted to match your attack cooldown.
Wurst 7.27Added a “Pause on containers” setting to Protect.
Wurst 7.31Fixed FightBot and Protect still attacking players if they're in your friends list.
Wurst 7.32Generally improved the aiming logic. All hacks that aim at things should now be a little bit harder for anti-cheat plugins to detect.
This is sometimes called APS or CPS in other clients.
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