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List of Wurst's Hacks, Cheats, and Modules by Category

The Minecraft Wurst Hacked Client contains over 160 hacks (a.k.a. cheats or modules), over 50 chat commands (a.k.a. cheat codes), and over 20 other miscellaneous features. Most of these features are organized into categories, each of which is shown in the ClickGUI as a separate window.

This page aims to provide a complete list of the Wurst Client's features, grouped by their in-game category and sorted alphabetically. It also provides a link to the page for each feature, so you can learn more about it.

"Blocks" Category

"Movement" Category

The “Movement” category contains hacks that alter the player's movement. Many of these hacks are designed to let the player move faster or reach difficult places more easily.

"Combat" Category

The “Combat” category contains hacks that are designed to help the player in fights against other players (PVP) and mobs (PVE). These hacks are very popular on minigame servers, such as Mineplex, Hypixel, and Hive.

"Render" Category

The “Render” category contains hacks that enhance the player's vision and/or change the way the game looks. These hacks are generally “client-side”, meaning that they only affect the player's screen and are practically invisible to the server and other players.

"Chat" Category

The “Chat” category contains hacks that are related to the chat.

"Fun" Category

The “Fun” category contains hacks that are designed to make the game more entertaining. These hacks are generally harmless and are not considered “cheating” by most servers.

"Items" Category

The “Items” category contains hacks that are related to items and the player's inventory. Some of these are Creative Mode-only hacks that generate powerful items, while others are focused on organizing the player's inventory.

"Retro" Category

“Retro” is a special category for hacks that only work on a very old version of Minecraft: Java Edition 1.8. This category only exists in Wurst 6, since the newer Wurst 7 and ForgeWurst releases no longer support Minecraft 1.8.

"Other" Category

The “Other” category contains miscellaneous hacks that don't really fit into any other category.

No Category

Some of Wurst's features don't have a category at all, which causes them to not be displayed in the ClickGUI. This is usually because they are intended to be accessed through other means, such as Keybind Manager being accessed through the Wurst Options menu or commands being accessed through the chat. If necessary, these features can still be accessed through the Navigator GUI.

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